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What are the structures of packaging machinery?

What are the structures of packaging machinery? Structural composition of packaging machinery:

(1) Sorting and supply system of packaging materials and containers. The system is a system that cuts off or arranges packaging materials (including flexible, semi-rigid, rigid packaging materials, packaging containers and auxiliary materials) to predetermined stations, such as the supply and cutting mechanism of packaging paper in candy packaging machines. Some systems can also complete the vertical, molding and positioning of bag making or packaging containers; The supply system of some can sealers can also complete the orientation and supply of tank covers.

(2) Measurement and supply system of packaged goods. The system is a system for measuring, sorting and arranging packaged goods and delivering them to the scheduled station. Some can also complete the shaping and segmentation of packaged goods. For example, the measurement and liquid supply system of beverage filling machine; The biscuit sorting, arrangement and supply system of the biscuit packaging machine.

(3) Main transmission system. This system is used to transfer packaging materials and packaging items from one packaging station to the next. Single station packaging machine has no transmission system. Full automatic biscuit packaging machine.

All packaging processes on the packaging machine are usually divided into several stations, so there must be a special organization to transfer packaging materials and packaging articles until the product is exported. The form of the main transmission mechanism generally determines the form of the packaging machine and affects its shape.

(4) Packaging actuator. The packaging actuator is a mechanism that directly completes packaging operations, namely, the mechanism that completes packaging, filling, sealing, labeling, bundling and other operations. The packaging actuating mechanism is composed of the front and back sugar pushing boards, cardboard, sugar tongs and twisting hands of the candy packaging machine; The roll in the can sealer is also the packaging actuator. Small biscuit machine equipment.

(5) Finished product output mechanism. The finished product output mechanism is a mechanism to unload, orient and output packaged products from the packaging machine. The finished product output of some packaging machinery is completed by the main transmission mechanism or the weight of the packaged product. How to adjust the biscuit packer.

(6) Power engine and transmission system. The power engine is the prime power of mechanical work. Motors and air compressors are usually used for packaging machinery, and gas turbines or other power engines are also used in individual cases.

Transmission system refers to the device that transfers the power and motion of the power machine to the actuator and control system to achieve the intended action. It is usually composed of driving parts such as pulley, gear, sprocket, cam, worm gear, or driving parts in the form of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, etc. How to use the chip biscuit packer.

(7) Control system. The control system consists of various manual and automatic devices.

In the packaging machine, the control system commands the operation of power supply output, transmission system operation, packaging actuator operation, mutual cooperation and packaging product output. It includes packaging process, packaging quality, fault and safety control.

In addition to mechanical form, the control methods of modern packaging machinery also include electric control, pneumatic control, photoelectric control, electronic control, jet control, PLC can select control and intelligent control according to the automation level and production requirements of packaging machinery.

(8) Fuselage. The fuselage is used to install, fix and support all parts of the packaging machine to meet the requirements of their mutual movement and position. Therefore, the fuselage must have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

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